Sunday, 2 May 2010

Been out for a 30 miler today into the Cornish Alps.

Concrete block was with me again of course, and it was hard work, but to be honest, it is getting easier and I didn't stop until the 16 mile mark. I reckon I could have done the whole ride non-stop.

I should get another ride in during the week before Thursday when me and Paul wrap my stuff on the pallet. I really need to start packing and organising. The more I can get packed away into Trailer the better, as I don't want to take much on the plane with me.

Also, our local taxi service (run by the chap from the post office!) may be asked to get me to Exeter Airport. It's a 50 odd mile journey to get there for a 06.50 flight. No doubt I'll have to be there an hour before = 05.50 = leaving home at 04.50 or earlier.

As you can tell, my thoughts are turning from riding and practising, to thoughts of planning and logistics.

Thanks for reading, more to come during the week.

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