Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I rode out today - my shoulder feeling much better - and took my handycam again. This time, I mounted it low down on the front of Trailer to see my sprockets and chainwheels in action. Not to mention my feet and ankles!

If you notice, to the end of the movie, my camera angle started to lift. If I ever do this again, I'll tighten the mount a bit more, but you can admire my manly muscles meanwhile!

Anyway, it was my last ride before Chopper and Trailer get posted up to Scotland. This afternoon I'll be doing the final packing. Last minute things will be carried on the plane with me.

Enjoy the movie, it's a strange angle on the world. Please forgive the wind noise, and I found it surprising how much noise comes from sprockets and chain when you get up close.

Regards to all,

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  1. Great film, really interesting new angle on a ride too! Couldn't keep my eyes off the hub gear/dérailleur combo :-)