Saturday, 9 October 2010

Chopper is now sold.

I removed all my modifications some time ago, and went to a local bike shop for a big bike-box to put it in. Chopper sat there for a few weeks, waiting for me to do something.

All the extra gearing goodies were stripped off and Chopper's front wheel replaced. The brakes and brake-levers were put back to normal, the original tyres fitted, and I put on a new chain with the original Sturmey Archer sprocket.

I noticed when I was given Chopper that the gear-shift - though working - the indicator orange tab that showed you what gear you were in, wasn't moving. I stripped it down and with a bit of ingenuity was able to fix it!

Chopper, in all it's glory - minus the chainguard that I had to remove to fit the double chainwheel - sat there waiting.

Chopper was lovingly stripped down - pedals off, seat and backrest off, and handle bars off - and the chainguard - all were put into the box with protective wrapping.

The box sat there for another few weeks before I went onto the Custom Cycles forum and advertised it for sale. I took a long time because it was difficult to get my head round that it was going to go.
I put it up for £200 and it was snapped up by a chap in Essex. I know I could have asked (and even got) more money for it, but Chopper was given to me for nothing, I had a great deal of pleasure from it, and raised a good deal of dosh with my JOGLE. I'm not greedy, and I know that Chopper has gone to a good home.

I will miss it.

Thank you Steve(elbucko).

Since then, the CTC Magazine have been in contact and they've asked me to write an article for publication. Hopefully in the Nov/Dec issue of "Cycle" there'll be a set of articles written by folk like me about their End to End rides and how they did it. I was limited to only 500 words or so, so it was difficult. The copy has been emailed to the editor, and I wait to see the edition in print. (Fingers are crossed!)

Thanks for reading this. I'm not sure that anyone checks in any more as my ride is slipping into the past and into folklore. But if anyone is still reading this, please make a comment.

Thank you all.