Monday, 10 May 2010

Just a quick update of progress.

I'm almost packed and ready to go, just got to make sandwiches for the long journey to Edinburgh tomorrow. I leave home at about 05:45 in the morning for the train to Plymouth, then catch the 07:25 for Edinburgh.

Garmin 705, mobile phone, camera, handycam and razor are all charged. Gosh! What a lot of batteries and electronics! I'll be taking this MacBook too of course.

I've telephoned Carey's Guest House at Wick and they're happy for me to stay on Wednesday night as well as the Thursday. I've also been in touch with Andrew Bruce at Far North Aviation where my pallet has been sent. Good news! It's arrived! That's one hurdle over!

Bad news is that the flight company - Flybe - I booked my tickets through operate a No Refunds policy, so I've had it for my money back. I didn't say who I was or my booking reference, so if the flights are actually cancelled by the volcano ash, I may be ok because I haven't blown my cover. It looks like I may have been ok anyway as the ash cloud is reported to have dissipated. The volcano is still erupting, so there's time yet for things to change.

The main thing is, no matter what, I'm going!

I may be able to check in and update the blog at Edinburgh Youth Hostel or nearby, but I don't know, and I don't know either about Wick, but hopefully at Golspie on Friday I'll be ok because The Ben Hotel advertise WiFi.


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