Thursday, 29 April 2010

I've been busy sorting and arranging this morning.

I've telephoned Wick Airport to confirm that they're still happy to receive my pallet, and also checked with some of the B+Bs that I'm still booked in. All are happy, so that makes me happy too.

I assembled a long list of the bare minimum of stuff I need to carry: changes of cycling gear, clothes for the evenings and my days off, a few bike tools and spares, my laptop, various stuff and their chargers - mobile phone, camera, movie camera, Garmin 705 - wash gear, razor, maps and route info. I even filled up a couple of 750ml water bottles .................... The list was extensive but not too long. I don't want to take anything that won't be needed.

I shoved it all in a large cardboard box, picked it up and climbed on the scales. I climbed on without the box and subtracted. My stuff plus cardboard box weighs 27lbs.

This is fantastic news! Remember, the concrete block I've been pulling behind for the past few weeks weighs 40lb, so my stuff will be a breeze to tow! This means that I can take more than I assembled this morning without impinging on my towing abilities.

It looks as though Chopper and Trailer (complete with most of my gear) will be put on a pallet on Thursday next week. That gives me only six days of Chopper riding before I wave goodbye to it. We will be apart for a whole week before I pick it up at Wick on Thursday 13th May. I'll be seeing Paul in the next day or two to finalise the details. I'll put Chopper on our car bike-rack with Trailer in the back of the car for transport for wrapping. I'll make sure that I take photographs of the procedure and update this blog.

One problem I've been thinking about is that as it's all going to be wrapped in plastic, I'll need a knife to unwrap it at Wick. I won't be allowed to take my penknife on the flight, so I may have to rip it off with my bare hands! No doubt something will occur to me to get round the problem. Perhaps fit a knife in the wrapping that I can get out easily. I can't guarantee that the nice people at Wick Airport will help.

Since my 60 mile ride to Camelford and back last week, I've been out a couple of times. Only yesterday I did 26 miles, so I've not been idle.

It's all coming very quickly now! I'm getting even more nervous!

Thanks for checking in,


  1. Find an old disused door key, file the teeth a little sharper and deeper, put it on your keyring. It'll get through tape and plastic wrapping no problem, and won't attract the attentions of airport security etc ;-)

  2. Hey Mick - have you seen this on youtube? (digital overlay)

    Have a nosey - it might be fun to add to one of your uphill/downdale clips!

    Glad to read that your concrete 'training block' was heavier than necessary. I hope that makes some of the gruelling bits a little more enjoyable ;>D