Monday, 5 April 2010

Today, I thought I'd have another go at filming something interesting. I'd failed yesterday big-time, so off I went, back up the hill to film my descent. This time it worked!

Max speed was 41.8mph. Watching the movie seems like watching the Cresta Run!

If you want to see my route, click on this link:

A quick view is this:

Thanks again,


  1. That was properly AWESOME! I was on the edge of my seat cheering and shouting at the screen; "Go Mick, go!" That was thrilling and exciting, I feel like a big kid!

  2. What Graham said :>D

    Re: the audio -- are you just using the built-in mic or separate? The wind noise doesn't seem to get in the way of your commentary.

  3. Great stuff! I'm so glad you enjoyed the ride!

    The mic is built-in. That's why my Garmin Edge 705 beeping is so loud as they are mounted close together.

    Anyway, I can't stop giggling at the idea that people are actually enjoying this! Good publicity is priceless.

    Don't forget, that I had Trailer in tow behind. Not too heavy, but I still keep the spare Yellow Pages in there as ballast.

    The trouble is, I now need to top this film. Any ideas?

    I have no intention whatsoever of filming all my JOGLE, but certain extracts would be good:
    Leaving JOG
    The Breas of Berridale
    Forth Road Bridge
    Edinburgh traffic
    Shap Fell name just the first few .....

    Any road up, thanks for checking in, and tell your friends!

    Regards to all,