Saturday, 17 April 2010

Just got back from a ride into Tavistock and back.

My lovely wife, Hilary, took a movie of me riding past.

See - I can ride it!


  1. Good video! "Here he comes, and there he goes." I hope everything goes well.


  2. Despite her protestations to the contrary, Mrs Mick F is a fabulous cameraman. Great framing, steady hands, smooth sweep as you passed, and excellent and clear commentary :-)

  3. <<< and excellent and clear commentary :-) >>>

    ...and far more relaxing to listen to than Murray Walker or Martin Brundle :>D

    Hope the training is going well.

    Are you going to add vids & bits to your blog at the end of each day en-route, or write it up after you've finished the whole trip?

  4. Thanks guys!
    Hilary's very pleased with the favourable comments!

    Yes, the training is going well, I retuned after a 60 mile ride yesterday up to North Cornwall and back. I'm not so knackered that I couldn't do it again today, so I'm happy.

    Yes, Ian, I will be adding vids as I go when I can get WiFi. Not all places I'm staying have it, but quite a few do. I can write up and prepare stuff off-line and save it until I get a connection.

    Thanks for checking in, and there'll be a ride report of yesterday later today.


  5. This is great Mick. watching you fly by makes me think that I need to get in some training to keep up when you come through north Lancs! I'm going to have to investigate getting a camera as good as yours.