Sunday, 4 April 2010

I fitted a camera mount onto Chopper's handlebars so that I could mount my new Sony Handycam. It's a rather cheap and nasty affair - the clamp that is! - but it does the job quite well.

Off I went this morning into the spring sunshine, but with the threat of showers, to do a short ride and film some of it. I would have filmed much more, but the camera came with only a puny battery, so most of what I wanted to do was a complete waste of time! Anyway, here's a ten minute film of what it looks like from the front of a Chopper riding along the busy A390 on an Easter Sunday morning.

The sun shone, but at times the road was soaking, although it never rained on me. The camera lens became splashed with spray, so I apologise for the lack of clarity. Also, the black lines you can see on either side of the screen are the brake/gear cables. I'll try and secure them out of the way for next time.

I started the recording at the top of the hill west of Gunnislake, and carried on into Callington and stopped by Ginsters, the pasty people. From there, I turned north and then east again at Kelly Bray and headed back down into Gunnislake down its infamous hill. I carried on through the village and right down to the river.

The trouble is, all the filming I did from Callington onwards never completed itself, therefore the video file never closed properly so I lost it. Flat batteries don't work. I'll try and do the downhill bit again tomorrow, and make doubly sure the battery is fully charged.


  1. The green Astra @ 7 mins really needs to get his exhaust repaired.

    It certainly seems steady enough on the mount.

  2. Hi Ian,
    Actually, it wasn't the Astra.
    if you look again, you'll see a dark saloon - Jag? - overtake me just before the Astra. It then overtook the car in front of it with a loud engine roar. The pedestrians over on the left stopped and looked round.

    The camera is mounted at knee height, and with my eyes, I had a better view. The Jag? overtook nearly at the bend at the bottom of the hill.