Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fourteen faultless miles today!

My tweakings of the transmission seem to have paid off. I rode out this morning making sure I had plenty tools with me, and half expecting to only get as far as the village, but as all was ok, off I went!

I took the A390 into Tavistock and made my way up to Lamerton, then back home. A great short ride, and come Monday I'll be out again, this time with Trailer in tow.

As promised, here are some photographs of the transmission.

The Chopper gear shift is disconnected. I can't reach it now the saddle is so high! I've installed a trigger shift on the handlebars.

The front changer.

Another view of the front changer. The yellow bit is cut off from and old car number plate. I had to butcher the changer to make it fit, and as the outer plate was very worn, it had no strength, so I Araldited the plastic over the top. I works well.

The front chainrings are 42 tooth and 52 tooth.

The back end. You can see the Chopper spoke protector and the double sprockets bolted together. They are a 28 tooth and an 18 tooth. The Sturmey Archer is a 3sp AW - wide ratio version.

All in all, it was a great test-ride and I'm very pleased with myself.

Tune in next week for another ride report.

Regards to all,

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