Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I've had a couple or three test rides, and it's been difficult.

The new chain is a 9 speed one and the gear changers aren't too happy with 9sp - they would be happier with 6, 7 or 8sp chains. I'm having a great deal of difficulty getting the cogs to select properly. One problem, is that the chain over-shifts into the spokes and jams behind the big sprocket, and the other problem is that the chain over-shifts and jams in the dropout. I've tweaked and tweaked and had a terrible time trying to get it right.

My newest plan, is to re-fit the spoke protector that Choppers have originally.

This will stop the chain jamming inside. The trouble is, it adds a little to the thickness of the equipment that fits on the Sturmey Archer driver, and the circlip that holds it all on comes off! I've had to file a little chamfer on the inside of the sprocket boss so the circlip beds in better. It may be that I may have to file a little more. Trial and Error is the way of things!

I've had a test ride, and all seems fine. This new chain may be problematical, but if and when it changes gear, it works beautifully. I only hope that I can get it right permanently. When everything is fine and dandy, I'll take some photographs of the gear train so you can all see how it works.

Busy again over the next few days, but hopefully I'll be out at the weekend for further tests, and fingers crossed, all will be well!


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