Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A short video tour.

I felt like a complete prat doing this! Hopefully, you'll all get the idea of what I look like, what I sound like and what Chopper and Trailer look like.

I'm open to questions about all the fixtures and fittings, and the operation of all the 12 gears!

Thank you for watching me.


  1. Hi Mick, your blog is getting a lot of attention up here!
    Have you ridden with weight on the front yet? I couldn't see any mention of that when I scanned through your posts here. How does it affect the handling? I wouldn't fancy getting wobbly-bar syndrome with all that weight on board...

  2. Excellent video, packed full of the answers to all the questions I've been saving up! You're a natural at this documentary stuff, Mick :-)

  3. Great video Mick & best of luck with your adventure!

    BTW has your camera mount arrived yet? (re: thread on ctc forum)