Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My Route - in pictures!

Cycling Day 1
JOG to Wick 17 miles
Thursday 13th May

Cycling Day 2
Wick to Golspie 51 miles
Friday 14th May

Cycling Day 3
Golspie to Inverness 53 miles
Saturday 15th May

Cycling Day 4
Inverness to Pitlochry 88 miles
Sunday 16th May

Cycling Day 5
Pitlochry to Edinburgh 72 miles
Monday 17th May
Then take a day off.

Cycling Day 6
Edinburgh to Beattock 63 miles
Wednesday 19th May

Cycling Day 7
Beattock to Penrith 58 miles
Thursday 20th May

Cycling Day 8
Penrith to Leyland 79 miles
Friday 21st May

Cycling Day 9
Leyland to Wrexham 60 miles
Saturday 22nd May
Then take another day off

Cycling Day 10
Wrexham to Ludlow 58 miles
Monday 24th May

Cycling Day 11
Ludlow to Gloucester 48 miles
Tuesday 25th May

Cycling Day 12
Gloucester to Bridgwater 66 miles
Wednesday 26th May

Cycling Day 13
Bridgwater to Sourton 71 miles
Thursday 27th May
Then take a day off at home!

Cycling Day 14
Sourton to St Columb Major 51 miles
Friday 29th May

Cycling Day 15
St Columb Major to LE 49 miles
Saturday 30th May

Total Distance 901 miles

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  1. Big respect, Mick! I couldn't do that on a lightweight tourer *blush*