Wednesday, 17 February 2010

It works!

Just been out for a short - but VERY hilly ride, and even came down a 1 in 4 hill trying "emergency stops".



  1. Oh thank heavens! I thought the braking issue would never be resolved ;-)

  2. Hi Graham,
    Thanks for checking in and watching my progress.

    I had planned on a longer test-ride today but the weather is awfully wet and dreary, though it does seem to be clearing up. I may have a ride into Tavistock after lunch. That should check out the brakes quite well as there are some long fast sweeping hills on the A390.

    I still haven't received the leather blocks. The chap at Dartmoor Cycles is quite embarrassed that Raleigh haven't delivered them yet. It must be nearly three weeks now. I may call in the shop and show him my Wonderful Machine!

    Regards to all my readers,