Sunday, 21 February 2010

26 miles and perfect braking!

I was out for a ride today, up through Lamerton, turn right at Long Cross and up towards Brentor. I turned left for Lydford, past Lydford Gorge and Lydford Castle and out to the main A386.

From there, I turned south to come over Blackdown and through Mary Tavy and into Tavistock, then over the hills along the A390 to home - well, actually into the Rising Sun for a couple of beers!

26 miles of good riding. Chopper worked well.

A couple of days ago, I managed to raise the saddle a little further and at the same time, make the back-rest go further into the rear frame by using a steel bracket I bent in the vice:

The raising of the saddle made for easier pedalling. My legs could extend properly and I could push the pedals far better. This was a good modification!

The front brake was fantastic. Having read up about these Rollerbrakes, I knew they needed grease. This sounds daft - greasing brakes? There is a hole on the outside cover to inject the grease, but not having the necessary grease gun, I took off the brake and used a finger to apply it through the hub fitting in the back. The brake wasn't dry, but there wasn't much grease in there.

This seems to have done the trick. The brake was a little noisy before, and also a little snatchy, but today after the greasing, it's fine.

I'm very happy with the ride today, and during the week I want to go further. 50 miles would be ideal.

Wish me luck!

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