Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I've been busy on the telephone.

One of the hardest things about cycling from one end of the country to the other, is the planning. Scraps of paper, bookmarked websites, emails and form-filling. My head hurts!

Yesterday, I got Googling, and found addresses and websites of likely places to stay. Today, I've been on line and on the telephone chatting to folk up and down the country asking about their tariffs and whether they can take bicycles. At Wick, I found I could get discount as I was a cyclist. The cheapest B+B is only £18.50 and the most expensive may be £40 - they may be able to bring the price down, I'm waiting for a return call. Some of my specific itinerary has had to change, but basically it's all taking shape.

So far I have the following booked:
Wick, Carey's Guest House
Golspie, Ben Bhraggie Hotel
Inverness, Pitlochry and Edinburgh, Youth Hostels
Beattock, Loch House Farm
Ludlow, Cecil Guest House

Still to confirm:
Penrith, Tynedale Guest House
Bridgwater, Admiral Blake

I still have to talk to my sister in Wrexham, and my sister-in-law in Leyland and ask if it's ok if I stay.

Dates are now set in stone.

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