Friday, 5 February 2010

Here's a few photographs of Chopper.

This is exactly the state of Chopper when it was given to me. Both tyres were perished and completely flat, also no chain, with the whole thing looking very sorry for itself.

The famous Chopper gear shift control!

Front view

Nearly finished.
12 gears, a water bottle and raised saddle.

I fitted new pedals, the sort that your shoes clip into.

In order to raise the saddle, I needed a longer seatpost as the one fitted wouldn't adjust to my leg-length. I used a length of hard boom handle and carved it accurately to fit neatly into the post, also fitting a ferrule on the top to strengthen it.

Here's the finished outfit.
I fitted a rear pannier rack on the front as a front rack wouldn't fit due to the little front wheel and short forks. Choppers have a natural propensity to do Wheelies - tipping backwards when you pedal hard in low gears. The panniers will provide ballast to hold the front down.

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